Online Poker Accomplice Pleads Guilty

Online Gambling in the US has gone through some turmoil in the past year, but there is still hope that it will be turned around very soon. Last April there was a significant poker indictment that led three prominent online poked companies to be seized and many owners and an accomplice behind bars.

One of these accomplices was Ira Rubin. Rubin assisted all three companies, Full Tilt, PokerStars, and Absolute Poker, in the transferring of tens of millions of dollars in illegal gambling earnings.

Earlier this month he pleaded guilty to count of conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud, and participating in a money laundering conspiracy. Along with these please he also admitted to deceiving US banks while processing payments for the three poker companies.

According to an article I read at: Rubin has been living in Costa Rica for the past several years in an effort to avoid telemarketing scandal charges. Rubin may have gotten caught, but there are several that flew under the radar. It is common knowledge that businesses, much like Rubin’s, are hired to set up bank accounts and residences in locations outside of the US. This act is illegal.
How this could all be avoided? Well, the US Government could start regulating online gambling. Regulating and taxing online poker alone would produce as much as 40 billion dollars in tax dollars in as little as ten years. Will this happen? Only time will tell. Just be weary of where you are placing your bets. Choose the best Ipad casino from this list.

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